A Name to Trust since 1960.

From One Man's Example, a Firm Built on Excellence.

Joseph Giurleo, Sr. established Bay State Wiring Company in 1960Joseph Giurleo, Sr. established Bay State Wiring Company in 1960 in Arlington, Massachusetts, as a sole proprietorship. Today, the incorporated firm is owned and run by his son, also named Joseph Giurleo, from headquarters in Billerica, Massachusetts.

In 1982, at age 54, Joseph Sr., who had already lost the sight in his right eye, developed retinal detachment in the other eye and became totally blind. He remained undaunted, however, and after undergoing several operations that failed to restore his sight, he returned to the business he loved. Thereafter, he would leave home at 6:30a.m. every workday to walk 30 minutes to the office in time for opening. Mr. Giurleo remained active in the business for many years, talking daily to customers and technicians in the field, and relaying job information. He died in 2006.

The dogged determination and love of the business displayed by Joe Giurleo Sr., lives on today. It is delivered through honesty, integrity, and quality work performed by employees throughout the company. Bay State Wiring Company, Inc. takes pride in our family business. This is reflected in our commitment to customer satisfaction on every job, no matter the size.